Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Queer, A Coversation

  • Monique  
    I don't like societies labels on sexuality, i.e, bi-sexuality, lesbian, gay, hetro. They are a symptom of a heirarchal system that seeks to classify and degrade based on preferences. These roles seperate people and create division amonst homo/hetrosexuals. I know because Bi-sexuals are ostricized by Lesbians and Gays all the time.
    I think you can't really have this conversation without mentioning the queer movement. Anarchists and homosexuals have been in the same fight against the state and all systems of repression for a very long time. Radicals in the LGBT community identify as Queer. They refuse to be subjectified by dominate patriarchial systems. Some anarchists prefer not to identify as hetrosexual (although they are only involved in male/female sexual relations) as a political act of solidarity with the queer community. I would love to see a radical LGBT movement in South Florida.

  • Crystal Rose  thanks for this post and clarifying the LGBT and Queer movement which i did not mention. i have not known many to identify as Queer, only LGBT (might be because of the communities they were initally involved in). so i'm queer? this is good news! but regardless this was more about the whole poly- multiple partners thing.

  • Crystal Rose  and me being discriminated against for male/female monogamous relations because i am not open minded.
  • Monique  
    There is a unified group of radicals in SF that don't like LGBT culture because it assimilates them into an oppressive system, unfortunately I haven't met any radicals in the LGBT scene, but maybe I need to look around more. How you personally approach relationships can change with time. But it doesn't have to change I think for some it is natural to be monagamous. I have found that as I get older the personal becomes political and I find myself becoming more radical. For me monogamy (marriage never!) may happily come at the end of the road when I am too ugly to fuck anyone else. hahahha...

  • Crystal Rose  ha! i think its funny that this whole time i was not identifying with LGBT for the very reason the Queer movement is around...for not being included in the categories created. i am not strictly male/female but i'm not could change and has changed because i look at people as people - not as a gender, so how could i be bisexual if i could be into a transgender-ed person? i think this type of sexuality is less spoken about and it would be nice if others knew you could just be whatever without having to convert to some sort of label or prove your anti-hetero cultureness

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