Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Blog About A Blog

     In this post-2000 world of internet accessibility, where anyone can have a blog, I wonder how relevant my self-publication is. While an individual's freedom for creativity, no matter how seemingly self-indulgent or adolescent, is important, especially in the context of anarchism and activism - when everyone thinks they are the next Paris on Twitter, I wonder how anyone can find my poor old radical feminist blog. Sigh. Blogging is even referenced in popular media. Big name writers that have contracts even have blogs just to screw the rest of us up.
    A long time ago, perhaps 10 years ago, before the digital monopoly over reality, if you wanted to self publish you were making trips to Kinko's quite regularly. I don't know if they're are Kinko's anymore. They are probably all internet cafes. The beauty of the zine making scene was you had to have the will power to see the process through the maze of mapping and folding so it can look like a bonafide flip-able piece of literature. Now, laziness and boredom are the motivations for your urgent need for expression. Just to give a few examples, I 'flipped through' (of course there's no 'flipping' online) the blogs that come before mine, and they are mostly personal journals and movie reviews. I barely trust my friends to give me good movie reviews, let alone Jane or Joe who loves romantic comedies.
    Despite the over lapping of self-interest and the welfare of the general public, even in cyber space there is a need for intelligent reading material. I will not be discouraged to rant about patriarchy even when lines of my articles mysteriously disappear thanks to this perfect technology. To have people willing to use the tools we have is crucial for activism in the anarchist communities to thrive and reach the sensitive minds of the youth who have been brainwashed by Axe commercials and history teachers to think 'anarchy' is a synonym for chaos. To have an accessible record of herstory is a beautiful fuck you to big name publishers who want the voices of protest to be turned down, if possible, non-existent to mainstream folks. 
    So, here I am, the lone warrior, in the vast desert plain of internet blogging hoping some youngster will find this just like a tumble weed in the wind. Us anarchists are outlaws in the cyber wars, supporting eachother's political ramblings is a step towards numbers and recognition. We are relevant citizens and have alot more to say than Jon Stewart. So to movie review person: this town actually is big enough for the both of us. 

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