Saturday, March 3, 2012

Circle A Rant

    I was on  and there's frequent heated discussions on anarchism, what that means to you and what kind of anarchist are you. So many comments are dedicated to attacks on people's personal beliefs and theoretical debate that I felt it was appropriate to r@nt about how I honestly feel about the theory of anarchism, without quoting some dead political writer from the 1800s. From the power of my own experience, logic and reasoning, I am a green anarchist.
    In order to address the practice/theory of green anarchism, I have to address anarcho-communism and the libertarian  roots of anarchism. To believe in a theory that was relevant in the 1800s and early 1900s and not modify its action or meaning, I believe is ignorant and elitist. Elitist only for the fact, that individuals quoting these Kropotkins and such are putting academia over action; making anarchism academic as opposed to practical or common sense values. This creates more hierarchy and limits anarchism to either book nerds or to college folks who are mostly middle class white kids who were bored with name dropping Marx.
    Nonetheless, I realize not all anarcho-communists are involved in one-up-man-ship and genuinely believe in an ideal government structure. That's where I disagree, simply because there is no ideal government, the common people (at least in the U.S.) will not have a revolution or situation to even begin to talk about an ideal government, therefore anarchism, to me, is about creating non-hierarchical, non-oppressive alternatives to our current system (outside the capitalism of the United States, specifically) because we cannot change other's beliefs or this government (to any reasonable degree). Anarchism seems to me more like a here-and-now approach as opposed to a let's hope for a revolution - here's-my-ideas-I've-already-written-a-book-about approach.
    The anarchism in the streets, feels more symbolic as opposed to actually doing something. The only action that is realistically being accomplished is putting the idea of anarchism as an alternative (or any alternative for that matter) in the consciousness of the mainstream public. I believe in order to right now actually have a non-hierarchical and non-oppressive alternative, it would inevitably have to not participate in capitalism at all to create equality. In order the achieve this, you have have to remove yourself from capitalism and this society and live off the land as much as possible. No, this doesn't mean you have to live like cave-people, just sustainability... meaning eliminating capitalist treats or tendencies. So if you aren't the type willing to leave your x-box, maybe communism is right for you. If you don't want to be apart of nature, then you would probably prefer capitalism, so think twice about starting your revolution that won't happen.
    Ecological concerns are anti-capitalist concerns - this is how big corporations are able to manipulate resources for continual production, this is how poor countries stay poor and powerless, this is how oil wars are possible, this how the public can be sedated by consumer gratification NOT RELIGION (which is outdated anyway)  and how patriarchal systems are encouraged to exploit immigrants and women for low wadges which in turn spawns racism, sexism, ageism, you name it. To me, putting sexism, animal rights and environmental concerns behind economic concerns is ignorant to what capitalism is and how it thrives. Creating a sustainable community beyond consumer brainwashing, academic brainwashing, media brainwashing and economic chess-games would be the only way to live autonomously and is only feasible within the ideology and action of green anarchy. Like I said before, even within action, the only thing that's really being accomplished is the idea of true equality being put out there to the public in hopes the morals and ethics of the public will change, which is really the only lasting effect; the laws will be changed, new pipelines will be created even after one is fought off. So even if feminism, for example is only "micro" politics and not the larger reality of capitalism/power, wouldn't it have a greater lasting effect than fighting a war that has never begun?
    I can't change the way others view the world. I can only live how I want to live, that's why I'm going to the countryside to create and take part in an autonomous community so we can begin to try to heal the damage on our psyche inflicted by capitalist civilization.

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