Friday, October 26, 2012

A Woman's Syndrome: a poem accompanied by my radical watercolors showing

A Woman's Syndrome
A women's syndrome:
nutrient deficient love,
no matter what your portion size
or whose spies lied
between your thighs.
For our own minds aren't minded,
a crime scene polluted by blind men
as we mind them.
Pet them.
Pat them.
Let them give us a pat on the back
for making his favorite dinner
as you feast on the least
thoughtful after-thoughts
the milk drained from our teets...
Due date late, his mistake
your cross to bear.
Eve of fate.
The first birthday cake -
your daughter's prison
in the Gender Lake;
pool of cut of jeans,
pink ribbons
and diet treats.
That's how the war continues.
Walking the shattered streets
with our mother's broken feet.
Broken dreams -
inherited defeat.
Now we should eat
our cake
while the men easy bake
with our leftover bait.
Win this debate
head high, i wait
with my sisters and their mothers.

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