Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Male Feminists

    Feminism can come off as discluding or accusatory, even though (anarcha-) feminism's goal is erradication of gender roles and complete equality for all indentities of people - no excpetion. "Feminism" as a term can, admittedly, be misleading especially with the misgivings of the media and misconceptions perpetually fed to us to discourage any questioning of our patriarchal authorties/ systems/ structures, yet due to these misgivings, validates its appropriateness and necesity. Fear over the root "fem", as in "feminity", "feminity", etc., is understandable when you consider this to be the race of men or the human race...women being an afterthought or a secondary priority. Yes, white men are running the show, so the individual man isn't rolling around in wads of dollar bills, but this is a patriarchal economic system constructed and upheld not just by sexist and rascist attitudes but also by discriminating laws that favor adult white males.
    Across the world, radical men are acknowledging the roles they partake in, socially and otherwise, taking a stand to be an ally for women and no longer excepting passivity as the only alternative. Radical male feminists (I love saying that!) recognize their priveldge as men, and therefore the necesity to have men, not just women, speaking out against these injustices. Not only does it give men an opportunity to educate other men they know about simulated (or real) violence in pornography, how women are consistently spoken to or ignored, but also provides a male-only space to speak about experiences as men, how they cope with being looked as perpetraters of violence, guilt and numerious other issues that women could be insensitive to or unable to understand. One example is the relationship with violence young boys develop, which is drasctically different from the relationship to violence that young girls experience, which is usally being a victim and (hopefully) removed from violence all together in the name of being a proper young lady.
    Many issues that are brought up in these groups include, when or how is it appropriate to vocalize feminist opinions without becoming a male hero for women's rights, is it okay to tell another man to back off when he's hitting on a woman, and how to connect with other radical feminists groups to learn their issues, boundaries, etc. To see men start actively changing their roles as men, is a huge step for feminism. How else to stop the war against women than to stop the roots of violence within men? I encourage men that consider themselves champions of equality and merely say they're feminists to start a group like this, and implement co-counseling for the psychological tramuas of gender, captialism, and violence. Acknowledging our roles is one step towards equality, but we also need to heal, and create pathways for a future of true freedom and equality....

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  1. what an awesome review on such an important topic. Thank you so much for writing about this. xx

  2. male feminism is the beginning of realized equality. so thank you for being a great ally.