Friday, July 13, 2012

Dispelling Those Anti-feminist Myths

   Feminism has been dubbed as "micro" politics; merely a personal plight for social freedoms with secondary relevance to economic revolutions, animal rights, anti-war picketing and environmental concerns.  The entire idea of "micro" and "macro", not just its meaning in the political sense, is a made up construction based out patriarchal notions and political obstructions. Keeping a divide of more important, so-called "broader" issues and "lesser" issues like racism, trans-activism and feminism (although not limited to) lessens the focus on local community based issues, which are typically more effective, and more often than not fails to acknowledge the plights and concerns of other groups of individuals that have different immediate issues. Just the idea of equality-based activism being "micro" is an example of its necessity at least in social terms, but most definitely is a unifying principle of any anarchist issue.     
    Typical excuses of not acknowledging feminism in anarchism include (but are not limited to):
(1) Revolution! If there's decentralized government than there will be no more discrimination based on gender or class. Yeah, because before government was invented, there was no sexism or labor division, in fact it was all sunshine and rainbows... give me a break!
(2) Class discrimination is the more fundamental root of our problems. So if there was successful socialism men would magically stop abusing women around the world.
(3) Men are just as exploited as women. Ok, thats's why I see all these men in bikinis selling me liquor. Also explains why there are so many women representing one sided political concerns in office.
(4) Gender roles do not exist. I don't even have sarcasm for that one!
(5) Women and people of minorities have the same chance as anyone to speak or get jobs or receive affordable housing. That's why there are SO many CEOs of minority and non-hetero sexualities. Also why poor white men resort to sex work or other degrading activities to feed their children.
(6) Animals don't abuse people, women do!

So, next time when you're having a meeting and you can't get your point across, just remember how women are so equal to men and that you should quit complaining.

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